Mechanical - Elecrtonic

The company was founded by the need to offer an innovative service to businesses and to private individuals so that they can solve all the problems related to the implementation of the single object until you reach small batch production.
We can operate simultaneously in several sectors from electronics to mechanical hydraulics and this allows you to have a single point of contact for your projects and your achievements.

Research - Development

Very often in the development and implementation of a project one will touch on different areas of responsibility and ownership, and there are different operational requirements.
Our company is able to solve any problem: from assembling the wiring, to the research of the components, the solution of problems related to construction, the construction of mechanical components and containers, to the solution of problems that may arise in the development prototyping.

Innovation - Marketing

Nowadays it is difficult to find companies and individuals that deal with the large and small and when this happens it is always at exorbitant charges.
Minimum production to meet operating costs, assets not easily depreciable and sustainable in the face of a single prototype or a limited range.
We stand well in this market segment and due to our structure we are able to satisfy all needs and expectations of the customer even for one piece!
But... what can we really do?
We carry out any object, mechanical, electronic, electromechanical on request of the customer even for a single piece. We also offer a technician service to repair at very competitive costs.

Our strength is that we listen also for the single piece!
Where others don't listen we take to heart ...