wow rod antenna 150W
  • wow rod antenna 150W

Rod antenna "wow rod"


HF antenna fishing rod from (10 MT) fixed, mobile, travel use, emergency

available in qrp versions (max. 150W) - 250W - 500W - 1000W with range TX 3.5-30 MHz RX 0.5-30 MHz

available in qrp versions (max. 150W) - 250W - 500W - 1000W with range TX 7-50 MHz RX 0.5-50 MHz

complete with fiberglass telescopic pole in 10 mt, balun and antenna wire

Watts: 150
Frequency: TX 3.5-30 MHz RX 0.5-30 MHz

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The coupling system between the 50 ohm of the cable coming from the rtx in the station and the impedance of the row is obtained with a UN-UN MAGNETIC BALUN (unbalanced /unbalanced) 4:1.

The construction is excellent, the winding of the Balun is made of silver copper wire coated in teflon 1.3 mmq, while the wire that acts as an antenna is (in according on the power chosen) from 0.5mmq to 1.5 mmq block cable of black color while the termination that goes to the transceiver is always on the SO239 connector. The whole thing is enclosed in a dust and anti-water container.

This leads to a number of not insignificant advantages:

Extremely portable and light weight.
Covered by broadband transmission and reception.
Elimination of static tension on the antenna.
Possibility of adjusting the antenna through a tuner.
Possibility of tuning the antenna to a specific frequency by adjusting the length of the wire.
Use of the metal structure of the balcony (or any other structure) as a counterpoise, thus eliminating the problem of ground that is difficult to resolve on the upper floors of buildings.
Ability to use allowed counterweights, connecting them to the end of the mass and leaving them dangle from the side, in the latter case, the tuner may no longer be needed. If the drop of the coaxial cable is greater than or equal to 20 meters the mass plan is not necessary.
Easy installation, even in spaces not totally free.
Excellent mechanical strength and weathering.
Excellent as an antenna for mobile, travel, emergency, QRP and why not also as a standard antenna.
Excellent cost / performance ratio.

Thanks to the pronounced irradiation angle of these antennas, DX connections are favored at the expense of local ones by losing a few signal points.


45 mm diameter (base)
1.5 mm thickness
Length 1150 mm (closed)
1280 gr. Weight
Black epoxy coating

VTR 10mt 30MHz 150W
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Istruzioni canna da pesca ITA

Istruzioni antenna canna da pesca ITA

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