HF antenna 0.5-30 MHz WOW BASIC
  • HF antenna 0.5-30 MHz WOW BASIC

HF antenna 0.5-30 MHz WOW BASIC

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HF antenna WOW TX 3.5-30 MHz RX 0.5-30 MHz

practical - invisible - cheap - travel and QRP


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Imagine an antenna that fits in the palm of the hand weighing 70 gr. with a length of 115 mm and a diameter of 20 mm, imagine now that you can connect any wire of any length and take it with you easily. Now imagine not having the wire or did not want to bring with you: what you use as a thread? What you want and you can find on site: a railing, a drainpipe, a net, an abandoned pylon, a guard rail (try it), a wire fence, etc. .. etc. ...
Excellent as an antenna for travel, emergency, QRP, to build the classical fishing rod and why not also as a standard antenna.

The wire provided for the antenna manages in covering all the bands. The cover, with a minimum efficiency, starts from 7 MHZ and rises to 30 MHZ, is excellent also in the WARC bands and the maximum power is 250 Watts.
It is very good for a vertical use but it is also possible to put it with an ascending or descending angle equal or better than 45° (not in parallel to the ground) and it must be fixed directly to the eyelet (welded, bolted, twisted). The opposite strand must be obviously fixed or kept under tension with an another isolated wire.
If you want you can shorten the wire or make it to full wave or half wave and set it on a specific frequency abandoning the tuner.
The wire to be applied for issues of visibility will be a braid of copper wire of 0.5 mm in diameter insulated along the entire length.
The coupling system between the 50 ohm cable comes from the rtx to the station and the impedance of the line is obtained by a magnetic balun un un (unbalanced/unbalanced) 4:1.
The construction is excellent, wires going to the antenna and to the earth are welded respectively on eyelet and SO239 connector. Everything is contained in a cylinder free from dust and water and can be mounted in any position, clamped, tied, suspended: as you please.
If the length of the coax cable is equal or better than 20 meters the ground could not be necessary...in case of need you can use a dangling wire fixed on the 2,5-7,5 meters long PL ground.

Due to the pronounced angle of the irradiation of these antennas DX links are favoured to the detriment of the locality, which despite losing some signal point, however, will maintain an excellent signal/sound connection.

wow basic strong points:

Extremely portable and light weight.
Covered by broadband transmission and reception.
Elimination of static tension on the antenna.
Possibility of adjusting the antenna through a tuner.
Possibility of tuning the antenna to a specific frequency by adjusting the length of the wire.
Use of the metal structure of the balcony (or any other structure) as a counterpoise, thus eliminating the problem of ground that is difficult to resolve on the upper floors of buildings.
Ability to use allowed counterweights, connecting them to the end of the mass and leaving them dangle from the side, in the latter case, the tuner may no longer be needed. If the drop of the coaxial cable is greater than or equal to 20 meters the mass plan is not necessary.
Usable with the classic fishing rod or any vertical support.
Easy installation, even in spaces not totally free.
Excellent mechanical strength and weathering.
Invisible to prying eyes.
Excellent cost / performance ratio.

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